"Your home is your nest. And I’d like to give you a lot of ideas every day."


田口 裕介

Creative Director /Product designer Designing a wide range of fields such as graphics and space, mainly for products to making , communicating, and selling. He was born in Kagawa, Japan. After graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, started his career as designer, buyer and Merchandiser with the lifestyle goods company REPHOUSE (currently Awesome Co., Ltd.). After that, he went to Italy. After working as an assistant designer at the interior product company COVO (Rome) and the product design office DENIS GUIDONE DESIGN STUDIO (Milan), he got independent as YUSUKE TAGUCHI DESIGN . I want to deliver a lot of ideas to your every day like traveling. When someone “wants to draw a picture”, I want to be a person who can create “the picture (goal / what they want to do)”. He creates ideas every day, keeping the mind in his heart.

クリエイティブディレクター/商品開発デザイナー つくる・伝える・売る、プロダクトを主にグラフィックや空間など広い分野をデザイン。香川県生まれ。東京藝大デザイン科卒業後、雑貨会社レプハウス(現・株式会社オーサム)にてデザイナー・バイヤー・マーチャンダイザーを経験し、渡伊。インテリアプロダクト会社COVO(ローマ)、プロダクトデザイナー事務所 DENIS GUIDONE DESIGN STUDIO(ミラノ)でアシスタントデザイナーを経て独立。 旅をするように、毎日に沢山のアイディアを届けたい。誰かが「絵を描きたい」ときに、その人の「絵(目標・やりたいこと)」を形にできる人になりたい。その想いを胸に創作活動を行う。