The promotional furoshiki 

“MyKirei packaging bottle is made from one sheet.
It leads to a traditional Japanese Furoshiki culture that has a history of 1,300 years, which has been used for wrapping and carrying things.

“Furo” means “a bath”, “Shiki” means “to spread”.
As the name goes, people originally used furoshiki for wrapping
and carrying their clothes to the public bath.

Caring for the contents keep clean.
Caring for the recipients because they don’t need to throw away the wrapping paper..
Caring for the environment because it can be used repeatedly and it can change the shape depends on the contents so does not need extra packaging.

From MyKrei to guests, 
We envelop the “Omoiyari” in a Furoshiki.”

『一枚のシートから出来上がっているMy Kireiのパッケージボトル。



Omoiyari Furoshiki Project



一年で一番早く芽吹き、新しい門出に縁起の良い梅を用いて、固く結ばれた自然とヒトとの関係性を水引で表現したUme musubi柄。

HARMONY design with the theme of beauty born from nature and coexistence with nature and humans.
UME MUSUBI design, which uses plum blossoms that are auspicious for a new start as a brand that buds the earliest in a year to express the relationship is tightly bound of humans and nature in Mizuhiki.

Making in KYOTO

Manufacture : SANYOSHOJI Co. Ltd. 三陽商事株式会社 / Baba Dyeing factory 馬場染工場