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- Feel it; the breeze wafting in the air, softly taking its form.

A drop by drop, Catching the form of the fragrance, Focusing your spirit and enjoying the aroma

It is inspired from Zen Garden in Kyoto where PorousQuartz was born.
The idea of elements represents □ as ground, ○ as water, and △ as fire.And breeze.

“Kyo no KAZE” is our main fragrance originated from the nature of Kyoto such as the flowers and trees.

PQ breeze is there to give you a time of contentedness and refreshment.





 PQ breezeはあなたに、風薫る、穏やかなこころの揺らぎを届けます。

PQ breeze

Mobile Style Aroma Diffuser

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PorousQuartz® is :a novel high-performance porous glass for fragrance with the highest purity and precise structure made by state-of-the-art technology. A large amount of essential oil can be loaded owing to its numerous fine pores exceeding 80% enabling prolonged retention and sustained release. We used the elements for a particular aroma diffuser.

ポーラスクオーツとは、最先端の技術で作られた最高の純度と精密な構造を備えた、新しい高性能多孔質ガラス。 80%が細孔があるため、特定の成分を持つオイルの長期間の保持と芳香持続が可能。この要素を利用し、特徴的なモビールスタイルのアロマディフューザーを開発。

Maison & Objet PARIS , January 2018

design : YUSUKE TAGUCHI DESIGN  contractor : bodega allestimenti srl (Italy)



Stand plan

Space Design

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