YAKITORI × KISYU Lacquerware Project, developing with Wakayama young lacquer artisans and French trained food coordinator.

“Negoro-painting” based on the traditional technique of Kishu lacquerware, as two “roads” of tradition and innovation, which Yakitori and Kishu lacquerware will follow, we propose a new table coordination with this product.



Special Japanese lacquer dich for Yakitori

Table coordinate

& product

Planning:Kishu Lacquerware Association youth group / Zenyaren
Develop team:Yuichi Yamaga (山家漆器) / Keisuke Shima ( 株式会社島安汎工芸製作所) /Food coordinator Naoko Kanno / Designer Yusuke Taguchi
Cooperation:Kainan City / Kishu Lacquerware Association / Hibiki food service group