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[ Announcement of my new project at Maison&objet in Paris.]

Feel it; the breeze wafting in the air, softly taking its form.

Announcement of my new project at Maison&objet in Paris. I designed an aroma diffuser with a new particular material called “PorousQuartz”, which changes transparency through a special aromatic oil.

Drop by drop the white surface changes into different shapes and shades. It easies your mind. As a new PQ breeze series, the peacefulness of the process, the choice of specific materials and the aromatic oils are inspired by the four main Zen elements: earth, fire, water and wind.

I designed and assisted the booth, the PR tool, and the composition too. I’ll be there for several days.

If you will visit the fair, please drop by the booth!

----------------------------------- PorousQuartz / I-159/ Hall7 Maison&Objet January 19-23, 2018 -----------------------------------


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