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JAN 2024
Kamwoka-city, Kyoto JPN
Honey Woods / Kyoto Higanyama Honey
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湧き水溢れる京都・彼岸山で、養蜂家の 中島 拓氏がこだわりと愛情を注いで育てたミツバチたち。山の樹々や里の花々から花蜜を集めてできた、濃厚で雑味のない上品な味の里山生ハチミツ『Honey Woods』のリブランディング・クリエイティブ制作。蜂蜜は多様な里山の循環のひとつであり、ブランドの重きを”蜂蜜”から”里山”=”彼岸山”に置くことで、1999年から中島さんのお父さんが山を切り開き、想いを受け継いだ里山づくりの大切さ、素晴らしさを伝えていくこと、長期的な里山づくりの活動を意識しました。

“The color of honey is the color of the mountains.”

In the lush surroundings of Kyoto’s Higanyama mountain, beekeeper Taku Nakajima pours his dedication and affection into nurturing bees. The rebranding work for ‘Honey Woods,’ a rich and refined honey created from the nectar of mountain trees and local flowers, reflects the essence of diverse satoyama ecosystems. The honey is one of the various cycles in the diverse Satoyama landscape, and by shifting the focus of the brand from “honey” to “Satoyama” = “Higan-yama,” since 1999, Mr. Nakashima’s father has been cultivating the mountains, inheriting the passion for creating Satoyama. The importance and beauty of building a Satoyama, conscious of long-term Satoyama development, are emphasized.

Honey Woods concept movie / Direction & Movie making Yusuke Taguchi / Movie shooting Eri Aikawa

そよ風が運ぶ 桜の香り

樹上で奏でる 夏鳥のさえずり

夕陽に輝く 紅葉の彩り

雪を溶かす わき水の温もり

蜜蜂が届ける 森の恵み

忘れ去られた森で始めた 夢の里山づくり

森を拓き光を入れ 樹を植え花を咲かす

いつしか森は すべてを包み込むゆりかごに


これからも皆で育む 夢のゆりかご



The gentle breeze carries the scent of cherry blossoms,

A summer bird’s melody resonates from the treetops,

The hues of autumn shine brightly in the evening sun,

The warmth of springwater melting the snow,

The forest’s blessings delivered by diligent bees.

In a forgotten forest, the dream of cultivating a satoyama began.

Clearing the forest, letting in light, planting trees, and blooming flowers,

Gradually, the forest becomes a cradle enveloping everything.

The journey of creating a satoyama, inheriting the spirit, is still a dream in progress.

Together, we continue to nurture the cradle of dreams,

Weaving the future in Kyoto’s Higan Yama




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Crafted with the intention of conveying the charm of Higanyama while fostering a connection between generations through satoyama cultivation, the concept message embodies the desire to nurture Higan Mountain into a satoyama that weaves into the future.

Immersing in the sacred atmosphere of the “apiary,” where the blessings of life are touched through beekeeping. The production background, where the flora of satoyama is reflected in honey, is depicted with an artful consciousness, emphasizing the pure nature of handling life as a reflection of the bounty of nature in the “beekeeping” space.

In Higan Mountain, initiatives such as beekeeping facility tours and nature observation tours are organized, focusing on creating opportunities for people to easily engage with and coexist with satoyama. Additionally, spaces for photography, art expressions, and events featuring dishes made with honey are available for those who wish to explore and utilize Higanyama in various ways. Feel free to reach out via SNS chat or email for inquiries or discussions regarding your ideas and preferences.

春に美しいコナラの若葉、初夏に囀るキビタキ、秋を彩るモミジやクリ。間を埋める花々は、Honey Woodsの代表的な蜂蜜であるそよごの花をイメージしています。


Representing the satoyama “Higan yama” by arranging representative flora and fauna in an equilateral triangle, reflecting the changing seasons.

In spring, the beautiful young leaves of the Konara oak; in early summer, the singing of the Narcissus Flycatcher; and autumn adorned with Japanese maples and chestnuts. The spaces between filled with flowers, inspired by the iconic honey, “Soyogo,” of Honey Woods.

Nestled in the background is a mountain hut, a symbol of solace for everyone, while in the foreground, pure water bubbles up vigorously.

creative direction & web design : YUSUKE TAGUCHI DESIGN
website build : HAYASHI YUKARI DESIGN 
photo : Eri Aikawa