Tetsuka Shoten No Wa Exhibition
APR 2019
Arita, Saga, JPN
Gallery Tetsuka
Arita Porcelain Ware / 有田焼
Product, Space, Graphic, Other

exhibition : TETSUKA SHOUTEN NO WA / 「手塚商店の輪」展

date : APR 29 – MAY 5 209

location : Gallery Tetsuka / 手塚商店, Arita-cho,Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga



Tetsuka Shouten has a history of over 100 years at Arita. It is a traditional Japanese town-house in the early Taisho period, where its black japanese motor is impressive.
The Creators involved in Tetsuka Shouten mate a team and set up a flower.
Four unique potters : Tanaka Fumie, Ishihara Ryouta, Harada Ayako and Nakajima Hitomi express freely to an Ichirinzashi what Yusuke Taguchi designed.

potter Fumie Tanaka たなかふみえ


The unglazed pottery awaits painting in the atelier where streams sunlight shines. The pattern is drawn with a smooth brush. The classic pattern of the old Imari is reborn by the Tanaka san’s hands and it has a new charm.
We have a nice chat while admiring the dishes and the her works carry smiles.

potter Ryota Ishihara 石原 亮太


Trees and flowers and animals are depicted in friendly line by his hand. His line is such as a far-off wonderland, or give us an affinity like that we had grown up together since we ware children.
“For eating delicious foods, I want to make a dish what it can eat deliciously”, He works in Itoshima, Fukuoka, with the concept.  
As a dish to “live”, how will Mr. Ishihara breathe into a flower vase?

potter Ayako Harada 原田愛矢子


I want to give a dish what gently add like a flower to your daily dining table. 
Mrs. Harada draws a line that is delicate and such as one by one talks each other.
Kichiemon Porcelain has been producing dishes for 16 generations since 1673.
The addition of Mrs. Harada’s view of the world of dyeing and weaving to the history and technology that has been promoted for a long time and ”I’d like to make dishes to get closer everyday”.
With this mind, she launched the MOTIF brand in 2012.
She weaves a new story to dishes for everyday./ Galley Tetsuka

potter Hitomi Nakashima 中島瞳


It is charm that is her delicate hand-drawn pattern.
So you want to give up the challenge that there are not many people who can express a design drawn precisely with thin lines in this youth. 
We gaze intently even forget to breathe and see that it is a technique to continue drawing with a constant rhythm because the color density changes depending on how the brush is carried,
She will put the view of the world she draws precisely to a single flower vase.


Tetsuka Shouten

Located in the town of Arita, boasts a history of over 100 years. It is renowned for its traditional black plastering and the architectural style of the townhouses from the early Taisho period. As a prominent establishment on the main street of Saramachi district, Tezuka Shouten also actively supports young artists as a platform for their presentations.